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Avon Water's trusted Linebacker® program can protect you from unexpected repair costs for your water line, wastewater pipes, and in-home plumbing!

Repairs to your water service line, in-home plumbing or wastewater lines can cost $2,500 or more. For a little more than 52 cents per day, Linebacker provides you with prompt, guaranteed service. With Linebacker you make just one call to Avon Water and your problem is solved.

Protect your home with Linebacker, select your plan and enroll today. Avon Water customers can even have Linebacker protection added to your water bill.

We offer three types of Linebacker Protection. Rates listed below are for single homes only.

Learn more about our plans to decide which is right for you.

Linebacker Complete 

Water, Wastewater, and In-home Plumbing

$190/yr. ($47.50/quarter or $15.84/mo)

Linebacker Plus 

Water, Wastewater

$154/yr. ($38.50/quarter or $12.84/mo)



$87.50/yr. ($21.88/quarter or $7.30/mo)